Dwight Howard calls being traded to The Lakers a “fresh start”

10 Aug
Welcome to the Lakers Dwight! Former Magic center Dwight Howard, the NBA’s best center, was introduced to a Lakers uniform Friday in Los Angeles. Howard calls this experience a “fresh start” for himself  and for the Orlando Magic.  The Magic had fired former coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith.
Howard comments,
“It was just a very tough situation for everybody to let go. I’m finally glad that it’s over with. Myself and the Magic organization, we can all start over and begin a new career. Today is a fresh new start for all of us.”
Dwight Howard was said to join the Brooklyn Nets with all star point guard Deron Williams, but after demanding a max contract he was rejected. Magic general manager Rob Hennigan stated,
“Are we taking a step back?”, absolutely, but we’re taking a step back with a vision”.
Howard was then in the middle of a four team, twelve player trade that casted him off to the Lakers. Howard has been in L.A since his back surgery and is looking to a remarkable journey with the Lakers. However, Howard will have to wait before actually playing due to the time he will need to recover from back surgery.
Now that Howard recieves the bright lights of L.A, and a championship chase with the Lakers, one thing was made clear, “the clowning and goofing around is done and of the past with former Magic team”, stated teammate Kobe Bryant. Bryant told Howard get your mind right, chasing a championship in L.A needs to be the most serioues pursit of your basketball career.
Although there have been many trades– Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson to the Philadelphia 76ers, and Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets. Steve Nash, former Phoenix Suns player, to the Lakers.
The Lakers still managed to keep Paul Gasol and Metta World Peace. Looks like there is going to be some competition this season! Can’t wait for theses upcoming NBA games! Who’s going to get the championship NOW?

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