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Mariah Carey returns with SUPERSTAR vocals on TRIUMPHANT MIX

5 Aug

Mimi would not let her lambs down.  They turned their noses down at the hip hop duet with overused Rick Ross.  Where she is a background vocalist on her own single.  Who does that? But this is what the clubs live for.  HUGE GOSPEL Vocals, Ablibs to die for and a Techno Beat.   She Got It In.  Where has she been hiding this voice?   Reviews from my peeps are cray:

Mike J: Sounds very 90’s but better than the original.  The single better not be her 1st single.

Juan: The song makes you want to say Amen, her music is good but sometimes she sounds like a screaming banshee in church

Nita: A gospel song  over a housebeat – fierce

Rico: I just wish she gets her fair shot to prove that the album is better

Maur: Very inspirational club music she sounds good



Music Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj’s Pound The Alarm

1 Aug

Hmmmmm NO for the granny panties….NO for the nappy weave….No for the pancake make-up job.   Bitch start over….this mintue…HOT MESS….didn’t she just do this same video for Starships…..RAID.

Worst Week Ever: Jennifer Lopez-Flop CD & Boyfriend at Sex Club?

1 Aug

 Jennifer Lopez is having the worst week ever, her ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has flopped.   ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has entered the Billboard 200 at #20 this week with horrid sales of 13,000 copies.   Next……she is replaced on American Idol by a ICON, a real singer Mariah Carey and now… gets even worse.

JLO…he’s a broke backup dancer, young enough to be your son. Are you stupid? Mid-life crisis? Boyfriend Casper Smart was ”caught” in a ”gay sex club” and an exotic massage club.  The couple is threatening to sue after claiming the stories are completely untrue.  Their lawyers, Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman, have teamed up and allegedly sent letters to American publications Star Magazine and In Touch, warning them the ”reports” are ”false, malicious and defamatory” and will cause ”immense damage” to the couple’s careers and reputations.

Rick Ross-3 Kings Video ft Dr Dre & Jay Z

1 Aug

Dre Films Helps Ross out by creating a visual aspect of the life of three king in the hip-hop game.

Who is the richest R&B Superstar?

30 Jul

All these ballers claiming to make that paper with rented jewels, rented vehicles and rented clothes. R&B Magazine has just published the net worth of the top performers in RnB who pulled in the most money.

Peep who made the Top 10 RnB List!  These are real ballers…….

10. Keri Hilson – $20 million (and she can’t buy a decent weave, damn, her grill is weird)

9.  Cee-Lo Green – $20 Million (Reality TV pays big $$$$, now if he would just  invest in a colonic)

8. Whitney Houston – $20 Million (Poor Whitney, hopefully Bobbi Kris will get her teeth fixed and is it me, or is her wig on wrong?)

7. Chris Brown – $24 Million (Evidently, money can’t buy class, intelligence, maturity or vocal ability)

6. Mary J. Blige – $45 Million (How? who? what?)

5. Rihanna – $72 Million (she should spend $70 Mill Learning to stay on key, Learn to sing mental case)

4. Usher – $140 Million (Shave the taco meat hair style bro)

3. R. Kelly – $150 Million (Damn predator, give your ex $50.00 so she can go get that babyhair waxed off her face)

2. Beyonce – $350 Million (Loan Michelle some money. She looks like shes been mugged, 70 inch sideburns)

1. Mariah Carey – $500 Million (Where do we start, honey stop air-brushing photos and lose that weight and get Nick a trainer so he does NOT have to….(so they say) take those steriods.   I smell syrup.)


Rihanna puts cakes on blast in France, Secret Chris Brown meet up

29 Jul

Maybe Rihanna should spend a little less time smoking and drinking in FRANCE  and work on those lil cakes of hers and vocal training….she still sexy thou***

She was spotted on her yacht in Saint Jean de Luz with her tricks.


Us Weekly reports:

In St. Tropez, France on Sunday, sources say Chris Brown arranged an undercover meeting.

The “Where Have You Been?” songstress, 24, has been sunning herself throughout the South of France this past week, but made an addendum to her schedule when she got word of Brown’s arrival.

Thanks RiRiDaily…ya’ll gets it in!


Last Diva Standing: Mariah? Britney? Christina? Toni Braxton?

28 Jul

Who will be the last diva standing?  Mariah Carey the biggest selling female artist in the world? Britney Spears the Incredible live performer?  Christina the Diva of Dirrty or maybe the underdog, Toni Braxton.


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