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US Men’s Olympic Team beat Spain, Kevin Durant leads team to Win Basketball Gold, Lebron James joins Michael Jordan

12 Aug
The 2012 mens basketball gold medal Olympic chase was destined to be a rematch of the 2008 gold medal championship against Spain in Beijing. Although Spain put up a hard fought battle against the American dominance, the U.S. detached from Spain in the closing minutes in the final quarter, holding on to a 107-100 victory that established their secound straight Olympic gold medal.
Sunday’s victory was lead by one of the NBA’s most dominante players, Kevin Durant. The 23 year old, 6’9 small forward totalled for 30 points and nine rebounds. Alongside teammate Lebron James who finished the game with 19 points and seven rebounds, and joined Michael Jordan as the only players to win the NBA regular-season MVP, NBA finals MVP, NBA title and Olympic title in the same year.
When it was all said and done the U.S Olympic Mens team took pride in there accomplishment of winning the gold medal for secound time in a row.

Rihanna gives Nivea the F U – and becomes sexy FACE of BARBADOS

12 Aug

Barbadian superstar Rihanna this past week kicked off her massive advertising campaign to be the Face Of Barbados with a sexy photo shoot after Nivea fired Rihanna from its marketing campaign.   This chick is too sexy, the camera loves her.


Hip Hop Icon 50 Cent calls Kim Kardashian “TRASH”

12 Aug

Rapper/Actor 50 Cent never fails to amaze. Did he read my mind? Does he speak for the general public? Yes, YES, YESSSSS…. The feud begins now…….50 spoke his peace with XXL Magazine:

“You know how it is?  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

50 Cent made the comment about Kanye’s new single “Perfect Bitch“, which is about Kim K.

“I’m not sure.  The smartest guys I know have lost being a bad judge of character in that area.”

….waiting….. waiting…..for Mr. emotional Kanye to attack…….”I’m saying…bum ass Ray J had Kimmy Kakes with no condom and a video her mother produced…sounds like trash to me”

Chad Ochocinco arrested: ASSAULT of EVELYN

12 Aug

Poor Bully Evelyn Lozada who went from throwing bottles to being head-butted by her NEW husband. Reports are circulating that Chad Ochocinco (recently changed his name back to Johnson) was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence Saturday night after allegedly head-butting his wife in front of their house.

Johnson was arrested after police arrived on the scene and found Evelyn Lozada with lacerations on her forehead. He told police the two of them had accidentally bumped heads.  According to police, Lozada confronted her husband after finding a receipt for condoms, which started a “heated argument.”

Johnson and Lozada, who stars in VH1’s reality show “Basketball Wives,” were married in July. Soon after, he legally changed his last name from Ochocinco back to Johnson, saying his wife insisted that he do so.

Chad is still in police custody and will have to see a judge before his release. He is being held on $2500 bail. Chad’s future with the Miami Dolphins is in limbo after multiple warnings that his public behavior has been inappropriate. I imagine this will bring things to a head with his coach.




Dwight Howard calls being traded to The Lakers a “fresh start”

10 Aug
Welcome to the Lakers Dwight! Former Magic center Dwight Howard, the NBA’s best center, was introduced to a Lakers uniform Friday in Los Angeles. Howard calls this experience a “fresh start” for himself  and for the Orlando Magic.  The Magic had fired former coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith.
Howard comments,
“It was just a very tough situation for everybody to let go. I’m finally glad that it’s over with. Myself and the Magic organization, we can all start over and begin a new career. Today is a fresh new start for all of us.”

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her new baby girl Penelope

9 Aug

Kourtney Kardashian’s newly born baby girl, Penelope Scotland Disick, has finally made her first public appearance to the world!

Photographed in new issue of US weekly magazine, Penelope is cradled by the joyous Kourtney, and older brother Mason. Kourtney says about her adorable newly born daughter,

“Nothing could prepare me for how hard I fell in love with her.”


Since the birth of Penelope, on July 8th at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the pair have been keeping a low profile from public appearance and media. Joined with Mason, Penelope is expected to be a great addition to the Disick family!

Lindsay Lohan to appear in Lady Gaga’s new music video

8 Aug

Lady Gaga asks new BFF Lindsay Lohan to make an appearance in her next music video for her upcoming ARTPOP album. A rep for Lohan is “not confirming” the news, but sources have confirmed that the two stars have become very close friends and want to work together.

According to the New York Post, “Lady Gaga and Lindsay caused a stir last month when they had their ‘sleepover’ at the Chateau [Marmont].”

How Cute.