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Mariah Carey returns with SUPERSTAR vocals on TRIUMPHANT MIX

5 Aug

Mimi would not let her lambs down.  They turned their noses down at the hip hop duet with overused Rick Ross.  Where she is a background vocalist on her own single.  Who does that? But this is what the clubs live for.  HUGE GOSPEL Vocals, Ablibs to die for and a Techno Beat.   She Got It In.  Where has she been hiding this voice?   Reviews from my peeps are cray:

Mike J: Sounds very 90’s but better than the original.  The single better not be her 1st single.

Juan: The song makes you want to say Amen, her music is good but sometimes she sounds like a screaming banshee in church

Nita: A gospel song  over a housebeat – fierce

Rico: I just wish she gets her fair shot to prove that the album is better

Maur: Very inspirational club music she sounds good



Who is the richest R&B Superstar?

30 Jul

All these ballers claiming to make that paper with rented jewels, rented vehicles and rented clothes. R&B Magazine has just published the net worth of the top performers in RnB who pulled in the most money.

Peep who made the Top 10 RnB List!  These are real ballers…….

10. Keri Hilson – $20 million (and she can’t buy a decent weave, damn, her grill is weird)

9.  Cee-Lo Green – $20 Million (Reality TV pays big $$$$, now if he would just  invest in a colonic)

8. Whitney Houston – $20 Million (Poor Whitney, hopefully Bobbi Kris will get her teeth fixed and is it me, or is her wig on wrong?)

7. Chris Brown – $24 Million (Evidently, money can’t buy class, intelligence, maturity or vocal ability)

6. Mary J. Blige – $45 Million (How? who? what?)

5. Rihanna – $72 Million (she should spend $70 Mill Learning to stay on key, Learn to sing mental case)

4. Usher – $140 Million (Shave the taco meat hair style bro)

3. R. Kelly – $150 Million (Damn predator, give your ex $50.00 so she can go get that babyhair waxed off her face)

2. Beyonce – $350 Million (Loan Michelle some money. She looks like shes been mugged, 70 inch sideburns)

1. Mariah Carey – $500 Million (Where do we start, honey stop air-brushing photos and lose that weight and get Nick a trainer so he does NOT have to….(so they say) take those steriods.   I smell syrup.)


Most Under-rated Singer of all Time: Chante Moore

14 Jul


Why is Chante Moore not seated at the Musical Throne with Whitney, Mariah, Gladys, Aretha and Chaka?   Chante Moore has to be the most beautiful, under-rated female vocalist in R&B or pop music.   She can hit any note Whitney or Mariah can.  She can rip a ballad with the same emotion as Aretha or Gladys.   She is far more sexier than Rihanna or Beyonce.   Vocally she would SLAY Rihanna in one vocal note and her clear controlled vocals would bring Beyonce to her thick knees.  Because she failed to “hoe” herself out, the american public deemed her….safe.  SAD, SAD, SAD…..

She is the rare beast who brings it vocally live, she brings all “7” octaves.  Chanté Moore, the daughter of a minister, grew up on gospel music and R&B music.   Vocal talent like this is rare.  With festival appearances all summer, new cd in the words…..SUPPORT REAL TALENT>>>>Vocally, this chick is NOT to be messed with.

Listen to: As If We Never met, Candlelight & U, In My Life, Moment is Mine, It’s Alright, Precious (LOVE THIS ONE), Love’s taken over, Listen to my song, Wanna Take You, My Special Perfect One


Rnb NewsFlash: Mariah Carey better STEP to that MIC and Blowwwww

12 Jul
The Last time we heard MIMI and Darkchild together….the clubs were bumping “SO LONELY” remix with Twista back in 2006. Mariah BETTER NOT step to that mic whispering, cooing…panting…HELL NO..YOU 40+..we want VANISHING, LOVE TAKES TIME, SOMEDAY, FLY LIKE A BIRD” VOCALS.  Open THAT MOUTH and SING.   WHITNEY GONE….BITCH YOU MUST REP.   Now, Mariah is not taking any chances with this new CD, I’m talking Duet w/Alicia Keys, production by her Emancipation Team and Destiny Child/Lady Gaga/Brandy producer “Darkchild”…….. MIMI always promising VOCALS….and the last CD  was cool (Betcha Gon Know/Standing O but there was no “VANISHING, IF IT’s OVER, FLY LIKE A BIRD, MINE AGAIN”……you ain’t a rapper…SANGGGGG.
Mimi and producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, had fans gasping for air via their Twitter accounts.

BET Awards Review: The Good, The Bad, The Stinky and the Hoodrats

2 Jul

Dear BET….I have a love/hate relationship with the BET AWARDS.   All the singers, groupies, actors, hoes, sports superstars, and no-bodies on the 2nd row… and big legs having “Mrs. Debra Lee.   Actually….regarding Mrs. Debra Lee….PX90 works honey….Those cankles are so big…if she jumps the broom….she might go through the floor and end up in CHINA.

It’s the 12th Annual BET awards better known as the hoodie awards.    I was expecting to see Drake and Chris Brown claw each other’s eyes out…..but that did not happen.

Here are my 10 Most Interesting Moments of the BET AWARDS….

10.  Why was Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) and that ex-destiny child member Ms. Luckett seated 12 rows behind BEYONCE.   Beyonce better watch her back….Claws out.

9.  Was it me or did Kim Kardashian look extremely HAIRY…I’m talking WOLF

8. Chris Brown sang live….and it was still a HOT MESS….maybe he should just be a stripper, that voice…GAG

7. Beyonce – are you gonna wash and dry that same old wig you been wearing for the last 4 years and that table cloth she was rocking….who dresses this chick…SHE-HULK…paint her ass green.

6. D’Angelo must have swallowed Maxwell for jacking his style.  Yes D’Angelo is still FAT…GQ Airbrush

5. Is Willow Smith a boy?


My Top 4 INSIDE….

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INSIDE BET 2012 Award Show! Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Big Sean, Mariah, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and More

2 Jul

Coupled Up: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kim K. 

 Jamie Foxx wearing a Trayvon Martin shirt joined by his daughter.

New BFF’s Kim K and Beyonce

Kevin Hart won award for Best Male Actor!

Jay- Z and Kanye West with BET Best Male Group Award!

Chris Breezy Brown wins BET Award for Best Male R&B Artist!




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John Legend & Bridget slayyyy Donna Summer’s Last Dance..real talent

17 Jun