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NewsFlash: Racism: White Only Pool Sign posted by Landlord

5 Aug

Now it looks like the white community are attacking mixed race children. Totally Disgusting. Racism usually comes from ignorance or from trailer park mentality.

A man from the southern Ohio city of Cincinnati said he was so upset when he saw his landlord’s poolside “White Only” sign that he believes was aimed at his black daughter, who could no longer live at his home.

The landlord tells his tenant, her hair products clouded up the pool.  SMH. White men have too much power.  People of color have been enslaved, repressed, disrespected and abused.  Enough is Enough.

Michael Gunn, the tenant, testified Friday at an Ohio Civil Rights Commission hearing in Cincinnati that the sign at the duplex, where he rented an apartment, cost his family emotionally and financially. The hearing was held to consider penalties that could include punitive and compensatory damages against Gunn’s former landlord, Jamie Hein.

The commission found on Sept. 29 that Hein, who claimed that the 10-year-old girl’s hair products clouded the pool, discriminated against the child. The commission ruled that Hein, who is white, violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting the sign.


HipHop NewsFlash: Lauryn Hill out on Bail….GOING TO JAIL?

30 Jun

 Lauryn Hill plead guilty to a huge federal crime last week and now she could face three years in prison! while she’s there….. a PYSCH Evaluation is a good idea.  Many years ago i sat in a small venue and watched her “UNPLUGGED concert”….thinking….she’s losing her mind.

Resident nut-case Lauryn Hill went to court last week and plead guilty to multiple counts of failing to file federal income tax returns between 2005-2007.  Lauryn’s judge asked her if she “intentionally and willingly” failed to file her returns for 2005, 2006, and 2007 and she responded “Yes.”  Lauryn earned over $1.8 million in those years.

The Fugees singer was released after paying $150,000 bail and her sentencing date was set for November. She is facing three years in prison and could get up to $75,000 in fines.

Oh My…No: Adidas Shoes for Slaves

19 Jun

Due  to the look of the newly released JS Roundhouse Mids the sneaker head community has been outraged.

Some people have even called them Air Kunta Kinte. Jeremy Scott has always been know to push the ovalope, but did he go to far this time? I know I wouldn’t buy them. #class

What do you think?



Rnb ObamaFlash: Alicia Keys & Mariah Carey perform for Obama = raise 4.5 Million

17 Jun


Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey sang for PRESIDENT OBAMA at a fundraiser supporting his re-election in New York City.  The $40,000 per ticket , thursday night party was at the home of  “Sex in the City’s “, Sarah Jessica Parker.

First of all, very famous people did attend the $40,000-per-person event. Oscar Winner Ms. Meryl Streep was there, for instance.   Co-host Anna Wintour, Vogue editor helped preside over the event.

Anyway, Republicans have been criticizing this event, saying that it shows how out of touch Obama is. He’s acting all celebrity-in-chief at a time when the US needs a chief-executive-in-chief. Or something like that

…..While back at the White House….Mr. Obama is counting his 4.5 million dollars…….thanks Alicia and Mimi

Big Dummy NewsFlash: CHRIS BROWN sends a Threat to CHER? a Grandmother?

6 Jun

BIG DUMMY – CHRIS BROWN…who never fails to amaze me with his lack of tack, education and lack of respect for women. WANTING TO BEAT UP ANOTHER WOMAN AGAIN CHRIS? Chris Brown was accused of allegedly tweeting that Pop ICON/Legend Cher needs a beating, according to  Is he Crazy???  Who has beef with a 80-year old pop icon like Cher? Allegedly Brown tweeted:

Chris Brown's Fake Tweet about Cher

When Cher’s dedicated fans asked her,

“Cher, how do you feel about Chris Brown saying he was gonna hit you.”

Cher retweeted the query and added,

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PopNews: Queen of Pop Madonna Delivers Incredible Live Concert Performance

2 Jun

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, girl your 80 years old and still running around in CONE shapped bras. SENIOR CITIZENS do not wear CONE BRAS. Freak, Freak, Freak. OMG her kids must hide under rocks….then again….she still looks hot, has sold out concerts all over the world, has a 24- year old exotic boyfriend and she’s worth 300 million dollars.  Evidently, She’s one bad bitch.

Ok, we have watched the youtube of this concert, we have read the reviews…….Madonna is the greatest female performer in the world. She is only matched by Michael Jackson.  Madonna will go down in history as the greatest female music icon in the world (sorry Mariah and Whitney).

Is this tour Incredible? Well It’s Incredible…but she has one problem….read this review….which we agree with…

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President Obama’s “Slow Jam” News Session on Jimmy Fallon

25 Apr

President Barack Obama stopped by “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night  and joined Jimmy and The Roots for a “slow jam” news session.

This should have you rolling on the floor. It’s absolutely hilarious and makes you appreciate a president with a great sense of humor. President Obama dishes about keeping student loan interest rates down and living in the White House,  He also takes time to answer twitter questions!

Check out the videos INSIDE…

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