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RnB King Usher Babymama DRAMA: Accused of Ecstasy Drug use, Crying in Court

23 May

BIG DUMMY Usher married a hoodrat (thus meaning she did have coins but failed to buy a decent wig or weave or even Lacefront–She should have called Brandon Charles Hair salon in LA, but she HAS NOT, and did not). Usher’s mother told him, “Boo, she is NOT the one”.  He didn’t listen, so that’s why he’s in TEARS in court. 

FYI – Tameka Foster looks like she STINKS,  she probably smells like a bottle of Vitamin E.

Usher is due in court in Atlanta today as he battles his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, 41, over custody of their two sons, Usher V, 4, and Naviyd, 3.

The RnB singer got “SUPER” emotional in court, wiping tears away from his eyes at one point, after Foster’s lawyer said he cares more about partying and hoes than he does about his children.

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Latin PopNews: Christina Aguilera a BITCH? No, You don’t say??? Shhhhhhh!

3 May

Dear American Buying Public,

We all know CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS A BITCHMary J. Blige has told you.  Mariah Carey has told you.  Pink has told you. Now, pop group, THE Wanted is telling you also.

The Wanted recently caused drama all over the pop world. While the group were promoting their new cheesy single “Chasing the Sun,” they called CHRISTINA AGUILERA  a “total bitch” for not talking to them when they performed on The Voice.

He explains:  

“We shouldn’t have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?”

Public…………….when was her last hit? In 2003? 2004? 2006? Stripped? Oh Okay.  She can sing but she needs to eat humble pie. Evidently, she’s been eating pie….it’s just not humble.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are One Big Happy Soccer Family

21 Nov

Denise Richards and ex-husband Charlie Sheen made nice and enjoyed some quality time with their kids at eldest daughter Sam’s soccer game in Calabasas this weekend.

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The Housewives of Atlanta Husband Sexy Apollo Phaedra’s Husband Steps to Peter Poppa Smurf

21 Nov

I don’t know what happen tonite on Housewives of Atlanta, but they have certainley stepped up there game to compete with the  Basketball Wives.  Just to watch Peter better known as Uncle Ben

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Rihanna on Ellen Talking About Her Lack of Booty Calls and Performance on X-Factor

21 Nov

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