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NewsFlash: Racism: White Only Pool Sign posted by Landlord

5 Aug

Now it looks like the white community are attacking mixed race children. Totally Disgusting. Racism usually comes from ignorance or from trailer park mentality.

A man from the southern Ohio city of Cincinnati said he was so upset when he saw his landlord’s poolside “White Only” sign that he believes was aimed at his black daughter, who could no longer live at his home.

The landlord tells his tenant, her hair products clouded up the pool.  SMH. White men have too much power.  People of color have been enslaved, repressed, disrespected and abused.  Enough is Enough.

Michael Gunn, the tenant, testified Friday at an Ohio Civil Rights Commission hearing in Cincinnati that the sign at the duplex, where he rented an apartment, cost his family emotionally and financially. The hearing was held to consider penalties that could include punitive and compensatory damages against Gunn’s former landlord, Jamie Hein.

The commission found on Sept. 29 that Hein, who claimed that the 10-year-old girl’s hair products clouded the pool, discriminated against the child. The commission ruled that Hein, who is white, violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting the sign.


Reality NewsFlash: Tami Roman loses 30 lbs – diet? Lipo?

5 Aug

Basketball Wives, Tami Roman claims to have lost 30lbs in 3o days.  She does not give credit to Lipo, Extreme Weight loss Centers, Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers… maybe she had her gutter mouth wired again. She does look 3 years younger.  Damn! Bullies need love too.



Worst Week Ever: Jennifer Lopez-Flop CD & Boyfriend at Sex Club?

1 Aug

 Jennifer Lopez is having the worst week ever, her ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has flopped.   ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ has entered the Billboard 200 at #20 this week with horrid sales of 13,000 copies.   Next……she is replaced on American Idol by a ICON, a real singer Mariah Carey and now… gets even worse.

JLO…he’s a broke backup dancer, young enough to be your son. Are you stupid? Mid-life crisis? Boyfriend Casper Smart was ”caught” in a ”gay sex club” and an exotic massage club.  The couple is threatening to sue after claiming the stories are completely untrue.  Their lawyers, Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman, have teamed up and allegedly sent letters to American publications Star Magazine and In Touch, warning them the ”reports” are ”false, malicious and defamatory” and will cause ”immense damage” to the couple’s careers and reputations.

Last Diva Standing: Mariah? Britney? Christina? Toni Braxton?

28 Jul

Who will be the last diva standing?  Mariah Carey the biggest selling female artist in the world? Britney Spears the Incredible live performer?  Christina the Diva of Dirrty or maybe the underdog, Toni Braxton.


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Music Video: Pharaoh “93 Till” ft. Simmie

27 Jul


New Music Vid: Lil Wayne Homies Still Ft. Big Sean

20 Jul

New Music: French Montana – Pop That ft. Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne Official Video

9 Jul